Monday, 18 October 2010

world for homeless

it's only huge land but not her own
it's only wide sky but can't fly there
it's only deep sea but can't dive inside
it's only a room with no walls

walking to place to place
counting down the steps she takes
she can't go home
she can't go home

she doesn't need morning
afternoon nor evening
she needs no seconds
minutes nor hours
what she needs is only a room
a room with walls
a place where she searches so far

home ....
with a room
she never losts it
'cause she never has it
she never owns one

sweat never she counted
tired never she felt
home she only dreamt it
just to sleep ....
for heaven

(for grandma: "i present all my tears for you, forever.")


  1. sweet sir, first time I read, thank you for made me cried in the morning :')


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