Sunday, 8 November 2009

360 (you may read it as "EGO")

Look, you just look!!!
This is me, like what you look in front of you
I am who I am and what I am and I will always be
Always like this
I am not you and you are not me and never like that

I can’t make you like me and you can’t either
We will always be different and never be the same
Different is much better
because the same is not always good
In justice, same is often unneeded
fair is not the same
different is not always unfair
In diversity we can blossom unity
and complete each other
That’s probably the reason
why Allah creates couples, races, tribes, and nations
and colours

If our kids understand diversity
There will never be any wars
And they will live in harmony
In peaceful love and live

(end of january 2009)

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