Saturday, 7 November 2009


Saturday, April 26, 2003

DOUBT (Begini ya rasanya)

It’s just about time. We know nothing when our plans suddenly don’t work at all. Only deep breath we could take. Nothing more than that. Sadness, unhappiness, and sorrow often appear after all. It’s truly nothing we could change.
That’s maybe the proper time we needed someone to rely on.
OH YEAH? NO! Screaming so loudly might help. Please no friend or other people!!
Let me continue my life with my own way. I’ll take all risk.
Searching lonely place to hide?

It could be better, but no place is too safe to hide. There are so many eyes in this world. Even in the deepest blue ocean or darkest cave.
So what? There’s nothing we can do. Nothing! I say nothing, NOTHING!
full stop!!!

I don’t wanna damn myself.
Is this?
Is this how it feels?
It looks like loneliness among the crowd. It’s like nightmare on the most expensive and comfortable mattress.
Do what you like to do and I will what I want to.
Turn back!

Don’t say a word, don’t say anything, don’t say goodbye!
Maybe this is how it feels. Beginilah rasanya.
Ever felt like this?
Maybe later.

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