Thursday, 12 November 2009

Mirror of Me

Walking through the long path all alone
Trying myself to find out my own mind
It was probably so selfish to leave my self lonely
without any part of my own feeling accompany
I began to lose control

I opened again and opened again the window of my heart
Letting the light of the moon gave me the shadow
It was probably not so easy for me to get out from this grief
Even if I asked myself or the shadow where my mind was
Ah, maybe I wasn’t that innocent

When woke up in the brightest morning
Watching around in the mirror the body in front of me
Was it me ? Were you myself?
I had to believe that it wasn't
Because the picture in the mirror was head banging

Heard the knock of the heart’s door
Making the pulse of my feeling going wild
I doubted was myself coming?
And when myself screamed out loudly : Eureka! Eureka!
I began to recognize that voice
I found it wasn’t a dream
through the eyes of myself, I found myself smiling
so nice and very innocent - like me
yes, like me - said myself

[Friday, May 26, 2000  06.25 p.m.]

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